8 Steps to Creating a Home Office on a Budget

It’s no longer just the independent entrepreneurs who work from home; many companies are allowing their employees to work virtually one or more days per week from home.

For employers, this is often a solution to retain employees by allowing some freedom and a break from the routine, a way to retain talent that might otherwise quit to spend more time at home with small children or other family.

While working at home has benefits, it can also be challenging to avoid distractions and to shut it down at the end of the day…especially if your desk is your kitchen table.

Creating a home office doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavor, and there are plenty of considerations that are just as important as decor.

Step 1:  Find a quiet space. This could perhaps be a corner of your bedroom, a converted garage, or a seldom used guest room that can pull double duty as your office away from the office.

Step 2:  Clean, declutter, and organize your supplies. Less clutter means you need less storage space. If you need more storage for seldom used items, tools, or equipment, consider a storage unit or closet where you can get to them when needed.

Step 3:  Furniture. You may be able to re-purpose needed pieces from a flea market or consignment store. Used furniture is cheap, and if it’s not pretty, paint it a fun, bright color!

Step 4:  Decorate the walls. What inspires and motivates you?

Step 5:  A comfortable desk chair. This is the item to spend big on. You will need something comfortable that’s good for your posture. It’s important!

Step 6:  Good lighting. This is necessary not just so you can see better, but good lighting can improve your energy.

Step 7:  Organization. Organizers and stacking trays are affordable and a great way to make it easy to focus on your top priorities.

Step 8: Divide your space. A door you can shut, a partition you can pop up, or a curtain you can close is a huge part of making your home office feel like a true office. You will want your work space to be out of sight and out of mind at the end of the day. Shut it down, turn out the light, and close the door!


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